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Qingdao Meilai Track Co., Ltd. is located in Jimo District, Qingdao. It has two factories and 180 employees. The company has 2 invention patents, more than 20 practical new technology patents, and more than 40 appearance patents. The company's flame retardant polyurethane foam can reach EN45545-HL3.
The main business is divided into two categories: rail transit and aerospace:
1. Rail Transit Division: high-speed trains and EMUs, ordinary railway passenger cars and railway special vehicles, urban rail transit vehicle seats, sleepers, luggage racks, wall panels, side cabinets, dining carts, bar tables, dining chairs, etc. Products, windows and curtains, escape door systems, interior furniture, business area cabinets and other interior interior products;
2. Aerospace Division: Aircraft seat accessory products and interior interior products.
company culture
"Quality products and meticulous service" - talk about the purpose of the company
Meilai has always been "quality products and meticulous service" for the purpose of the enterprise, following the "active response, rapid response, continuous innovation, and common progress" spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with quality products, has gained wide recognition and reputation in the industry. At the beginning of 2016, we were selected as one of the three outstanding suppliers of China CRRC Sifang Vehicle Co., Ltd., which was selected by China CRRC Sifang Vehicle Co., Ltd. among more than 300 qualified suppliers. For us, Great rewards and encouragement.
Merrill's products have always pursued innovative ideas and quality excellence in terms of technology and quality. Therefore, great efforts have been made in design and development and technological innovation. For example, in the field of non-metallic materials, our self-developed high-speed flame retardant high resilience foam for high-speed iron meets international fireproof performance and meets international fireproof standards such as EN45545, BS6853, DIN5510, etc., and is in a leading position in the industry.
The product is the business card of the enterprise, and the quality is the life of the enterprise. This is the corporate philosophy that Han has developed for all employees, strengthens quality awareness, improves job levels, and continuously learns and trains, so that every employee understands that their quality is closely related to the company's development. They are part of Meilai and also beautiful. Lai’s masters can only develop and develop together with Meilai if they maintain a positive mind and a serious attitude. Let customers fully feel the service conviction of “Customer First, Quality First” of Meilai Company, and benefit from the development of the company. On this basis, continuous optimization and continuous innovation can make the company go steady and go far.


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