North Korean customers come to our company to discuss cooper

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North Korean customers come to our company to discuss cooperation projects
On the morning of August 19, South Korean customers visited and negotiated cooperation projects in Meilleur. After listening to the various seat products introduced by President Han, the customer expressed confidence in the cooperation between the two parties and was very satisfied with the functions and quality of the Meilleur seat products.

The customers have proposed design requirements and flame retardant standards for train seat projects

President Han led customers to visit the door production line to learn more about product functions and production standards

The North Korean guests initially determined the project cooperation intention. After the final technical confirmation and signing, the new project will be officially launched. Some years of experience in Korean project operations have allowed us to establish an excellent reputation in the industry. No matter the quality or delivery cycle, we are satisfied and assured by domestic and foreign customers. This is the best business card of Meilleur.



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