The chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conf

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The chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Jimo visited Meilleur
On the morning of October 12th, the chairman of the Qingdao Jimo CPPCC and his party visited. Meilleur President Han expressed a warm welcome on behalf of all employees of the company, and then introduced the leaders' business ideas and company plans to the leaders and discussed the company's development direction and construction work with the CPPCC chairman.

President Han introduced the company's development and planning in detail to the CPPCC Chairman

President Han demonstrated to leaders the functions and features of various products

The CPPCC chairman and leaders visit and guide the production workshop.

The CPPCC Chairman's visit brought forward new ideas and suggestions for the development of Meilleur, which is very helpful for the strategic planning of the company and complements President Han's business philosophy. Adhering to innovation, adhering to development, continuous construction and continuous development are the development plans of the company to stand in business. All the employees of Meilleur have not forgotten their original intentions, and work together for the dream of creating a better future.



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