Meilleur team attends Indian exhibition    Author:Meilleur    Time:2019-12-12

President Han led the railway business team to participate in the India International Rail Transit Exhibition. The purpose of this exhibition is to further develop the Indian railway market and promote cooperation on Indian railway projects. Let Indian customers know about Meilleur and the high standard interior products of Chinese railways.

The photo of Meilleur team to India International Rail Transit Exhibition

Technical engineers and process technicians put up booth
Meilleur team installs prototype car at booth

The effect of the Indian International Rail Transit Exhibition is pleasingly simple and generous
The India International Rail Transit Exhibition is different than previous. The pavilion was built in the business district of New Delhi Airport. Due to the tight initial relocation time, the condition of the exhibition is very limited. Nevertheless, the Meilleur team quickly completed in just one day. The assembly of the car body model and the installation of exhibits are fully prepared for the opening of the exhibition. It also demonstrates the execution and cohesion of the Meilleur team, and maintains the spirit of speed and efficiency in everything.


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