Warmly welcome the visit of purchasing manager of RECARO Gmb

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The purchasing manager and colleague of RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH visited Meilleur on October 18, 2019. As a strategic partner of RECARO in China, they expressed great concern about the operation of Meilleur after the relocation this year.


The purchasing manager listened to the introduction and situation of Meilleur

The purchasing manager records while listening to the Introduction

Customers came to the aviation production line after the meeting

Customers visit the sample development process

Customers are satisfied with the effect of sample manufacturing

Customers visit the production process of cable bag

Customers visit the quality inspection process of life vest pouch
After visiting the production line in aviation workshop, RECARO purchasing manager expressed heartfelt praise and joy, once again setting the two sides to work together to create brilliant development goals.
Another purpose of the visit of RECARO purchasing manager is to promote the global supply of merchants, and to keep up with the strategic steps of RECARO, push Meilleur become first-class global partner in quality, price and delivery. The directors of Meilleur also expressed that they should actively respond to the development ideas of customers, and fully cooperate with RECARO's strategic goals in 2020, and spare no effort to build global strategic cooperation and development.


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