Warmly welcome customers from Kazakhstan

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President Han received customers from Kazakhstan, and the two sides negotiated on the cooperation of new projects in mid-September 2019.
President Han introduced the company profile to the customers, and they expressed satisfaction and recognition of our supply experience and management system of company.

President Han introduced the company profile to Kazakhstan customers

Kazakhstan customers listen to the development of Meilleur

President Han leads customers to visit our laboratory

President Han introduces various equipment of the laboratory to customers

President Han introduces production and industrial process to customers at the machining workshop

Kazakhstan customers visit assembly line of seat

The customer visited the first-class car seat of export project in the final inspection area

President Han leads customers to visit the assembly line of door
Customers come with opportunities and return with satisfaction" is the development slogan proposed by President Han in 2019 and the better target for all employees of Meilleur. After the meeting with Kazakhstan customer, they are full of confidence in the cooperation between the two parties, and the future can be expected!


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