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The 13th Indian International Rail Transit Equipment Exhibition(IREE) opened smoothly in New Delhi, India on October 22, 2019. This exhibition is the largest in the history. 400 exhibitors participated in the event, attracting more than 15,000 visitors, of which 3,500 international visitors came from abroad.

People who come to participate in the Indian Rail Transit Exhibition wait in line to enter the exhibition hall in advance

The directors of Meilleur have business talks with U.S. raw material suppliers and Indian distributors

President Guo and President Han took a photo at India International Rail Transit Exhibition

Korean customers praise our seat products exported to Korea at the exhibition

At the exhibition, President Han demonstrated to customers the functions and flame-retardant performance of sit-and-sleep berth products specially designed for Indian project

Saira India company expressed its strong willingness to cooperate with Meilleur and repeatedly emphasized that there will be further cooperation between the two parties after the exhibition.

The Meilleur directors take photo with the technical director and project manager of Saira India
The three-day exhibition is full and busy, and international customers have come to highlight the opportunity of the booming Indian railway market. The high standard products of Meilleur have attracted many Indian railway customers to come to discuss cooperation and joint ventures. Not only that, the senior directors of the three major OEM factories in India have come to visit the Meilleur booth. They talked with President Han, and expressed appreciation for the design and quality standards of Meilleur products.
In the praise of international railways and the invitation to negotiate, the current India International Rail Transit Exhibition ended successfully. Warm congratulations to President Han for leading the team to attend the Indian exhibition successfully.


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