The Annual celebration of Meilleur

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Meilleur held the annual meeting of the company, and all the staff of the company gathered to raise their glasses to celebrate on January 11, 2020. Mr. Han made an annual summary report to all colleagues, summarizing the operation of the company in the past year. After that, colleagues in various departments took the stage to perform elaborate literary and artistic programs, including dance, singing, piano and other wonderful programs.
All colleagues of Meilleur gathered
President Han made the 2019 annual summary report to all his colleagues
The staff dance beautifully
Sarah Han presents piano solos for everyone.
There are first prize, second prize, third prize, participation award and so on.
President Han took out the first prize and presented it to his award-winning colleagues
A group photo of the company's directors with special guests and colleagues at the annual celebration
The annual meeting drew a full end to the laughter, singing the beautiful wishes of Meilleur staff. The song melodious sings the colleague's good wish, the dance graceful has displayed the colleague's life pursue, we gather together to raise our glasses to celebrate, each wishes to look forward to the New Year, we should diligently runs, responds to the Xi chairman's call "all the time, does not live up to the time ", becomes the new era dreamer, creates the better future together!


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